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 ENADA PRIMAVERA 2015 - Rimini Fiera
 Rimini (Italy)
 From 18/03/2015 - To 20/03/2015

 EAS 2014
 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
 From 23/09/2014 - To 25/09/2014

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Found: 74 results  
Amateur and Categories web-sites  

A Parchionline, a site with many information useful in order to visit the main parks divertimento in Italy and Europe. Classification of the parks for category, subdivision for regions, curiosity of the field, all the innovationes of the new season.

AcHus Attracciones Turismo y Ocio
Before the Spanish guide, specialized in thematic parks us of all the world.

To The Fair
 The vą history that from the fair to the Luna Park.

Amusement Ride Extravaganza
Created web site from an Australian young person of Melbourne, David Burton , gotten passionate of Luna Park, after to have worked for various time on the attractions, has stilato one series of classifiche, second its experience, making a directory of data for every attraction. Web site a lot interesting why our activity is seen under a various profile..

Italian association Transports d' Age

The particularitity of this site is of being able to find the used means images of transport from our category in last times.

Autopista Piccaluga
L' Autoscooter of the Piccaluga siblings is un' attraction of remarkable dimensions used also like advertising vehicle for manifestations and events. The three siblings belong to an historical family in this field

Autoscooter Ballarini
Autoscooter is synonymous of divertimento, friendship, reason of encounter between the boys. Never as today our society has had need of places of " ritrovo" , where to be able to speak and to know themselves.

Autoscooter De Luca
he Starliner is the Autoscooter car of the De Luca, that the activity between Liguria and Tuscany carries out theirs, in the web site can be found a sequence of photos that show the continuous evolution of the dodgem car. In the menu, the appointments, remember I the classic "imbonimento".

Beccaro Pierangelo painter decorator
Visiting the web site of Pierangelo Beccaro I have appreciated the professionality and the continuity of its job in the world of the travelling show. It visits it to you and you will sure have new ideas for your attraction.

Big Moster - Kramey
The Krameyer family has deep origins much in the world of the show, their history has beginning in 1951 until today, in the situated one can see their history with of the age images many characteristics.

Bolero - Luna Park
The Luna Park Bolero is between the largest Lunapark of the Bosnia-Herzegovina. The society is formed from operating of the field with traditions that go back to 1930. Web site rich of images and video

Bortolussi Stunt Team
After to have seen a show of Stunt Americans, Gianco is involved the family and the siblings. Therefore Bertolussi is born il Team.

Caprice Italia

Web site of general antique dealing, Moon is advised to the visit to the section "Antichi luna park"con giostre years 50, with various subjects.
Beautiful this English web site, speaks about the classic Giostra to horses, auctions on-linens, history of the attraction, museum, miniature, (all to see)

Cartoon Park

Roman, with a good assortment of attractions, festivities of birthday and events. The web site developed in clear and immediate way, interesting what the pages Study & Games.